St. Peter's Cross

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St. Peter's Cross

The story of St. Peter's cross.

Peter is believed to have been crucified upside down at his own request, as he did not feel worthy to die the same way as Jesus Christ. Therefore many Christian sects use this cross as a symbol of humility. He was an early missionary in Asia Minor and the Roman Empire and founded the Church of Rome with Paul. Emperor Nero saw this new church as a threat, and began a campaign to eradicate these troublemakers. Peter was imprisoned, tortured and finally crucified. Such was his faith, it is believed, that he remarkably succeeded in persuading his sadistic captors to change from the normal way of executing prisoners. His brother, Andrew, also was crucified, and he too requested that a cross different to Jesus Christ's Latin Cross be used. Therefore we have another cross form, the "X" shaped St. Andrew's Cross. St. Peter is also often remembered through the Celtic Cross.

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